Saturday, 21 January 2017

3-D model of India Gate with Flag activity!

Jai Hind!

               Hello friends, As you all know we are going to celebrate 68th Republic Day, an important National occasion! The full ceremony at this day is centred around India gate at Rajpath. A grand parade is held there and the event starts with India's Prime Minister laying a wreath at the Amar Jawan Jyoti at India Gate, to remember soldiers who sacrificed their lives for their country.

So keeping this theme in my mind I am representing a 3D model of India Gate using Sizzix dies available with in very simple and easy steps!

Let's start with flag hosting activity.

First I die cut some flowers using floral wreath die set, shown in the pic.

 I cut the scalloped flowers a little bit to create dimension and more interest, you can see from the image that I chose to cut deep into the spaces between the scallops to create loose petals. Die cut a flag with pole too. Arranged the flowers on my National Flag, to represent the chakra, I used a rubber toy from my stash and coloured it using acrylic blue colour. Tie the double shade twine to the pole.


This flag die is so versatile, Teachers can be used it many ways for children activities, especially for tiny tots to make their work easier. We can represent many countries flag symbol through it. If any foreign delegation is visiting your school, the children can represent their flags to welcome them!!!

Now come to the next part.

I die cut some dotted rectangles in 3 different sizes (starting from the biggest). Using a scale and a blank refill, I created some score lines with the same gap all along the rectangle edges and cut it as shown in the pic.

Now Fold all the scored lines and paste it using fevicol as shown in the pic from all 4 sides.

Watercoloured it. and cut the smallest piece a little from the centre.


Again die cut some rectangles as shown in the pic using my Sizzix Big Shot machine. Scored some lines on same distance to create the pillars for India Gate model.

Using a brick stencil, I distressed them.


Now fold the creased line properly and paste them.


We are going to make a base using a Thermocol sheet. Covered all the 4 sides using a glitter tape. I placed a grass foam mat on it ( you can colour it with green paint). Using Toothpicks, I decorated the boundaries adding twine. And added some toothpicks inside for standing pillars straight.

Now add the pillars and flag stand shown in the pic.

I cut the flowers out of handmade and designer sheets using my favourite Floral wreath die set.

 I made my flowers dimensional but to do so they first a little doctoring up! You can see from this image to make wonderful flower embellishment.
I decorated the butterflies using pollens and beads. Added golden beads to my toothpicks. At the grassland to look like more real I added some tiny white coloured pebbles!

Look the view from the top, added Jai hind sentiment at the top and coloured it with black.

I really enjoyed with these floral arrangements and look good together with my grassland. I liked how these white tiny pebbles from my stash complementing the theme of this beautiful project! So pleases with the final arrangements!

Hope you really enjoyed this beautiful 3D India Gate Model!

It can be a Big hit for teachers which can make all my efforts worth it! :)
So I would love to see your projects too, leave me the link in the comment section below!

Here are the Sizzix supplies I used:

Other supplies required:

Thermocol sheet, Glitter tape, Grass Foam mat, Toothpicks, Fevicol, golden beads, White colour Tiny pebbles
Different handmade papers, Orange, off white and green coloured CS, Diffrecolourolor glitter foam sheets
Brown and black watercolour,
Vintage photo Distress ink
Mini Brick stencil
Red and green Baker Twines

Will be posting the Bulletin Board results on 23rd January, so keep watching!!!

Happy crafting!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Traditional decorative hanging

Dear Friends,

Today I am sharing with you my new creation designed specially for my loving students and teachers as I promised.

The elephant die of Sizzix is my favorite and inspired me to create best out of waste using disposable hangers at home ,I tried to pick easily available materials at home for making it. Hope you will love it too.

Getting inspired by this learning I am sure you will be having lot more ideas and creativity coming in mind.

Please share how this idea inspired you??
Love to hear from you!!!

Materials I used
  • Pastel sheet (any colour)
  • Black marker or pen
  • Wool in different colours
  • Sequence/studs
  • White beads
  • Pom Pom
  • Glue
  • Needle
  • Old disposable hanger
  • Sizzix Bigshot Die-cutting machine
  • Two sizzix dies link and image show below.


1.First make a small Pom Pom from wool with the help of a fork as shown in the image.

2. Wrap the wool around the fork

3 .Put a knot in the centre.

4 .Now remove the wool from fork and cut both sides and give it the final shape of pom pom.

5. Now make a big PomPom with the help of a big comb as shown.

6. Repeat the steps above as we did with the fork. Now the big and small Pompoms are ready.

8.Cut out an elephant from the die and paste a piece of pink sheet to cover the ear as shown

9. Now make the design on the elephant cut out with doodling technique (use any colour of your choice).

10.Now put beads and pom pom in wool string with the help of needle.

11. Paste the elephant on the string.

Now to cover the hanger-
1. Take a paper and paste it on the hanger as shown.

2. Paste paper on one side.

3. Paste all the strings on the hanger, and cover the back of the hanger

4. After pasting the paper and strings on hanger, decorate the hanger with circular cut outs from the die. Give the outline with black marker, and decorate it with your creativity.

5. Doodle the plain area of the hanger (optional).

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Paper Kandeels in Tri-color with a bonus mobile project!

Hello, to all Teachers!
Happy Tuesday!

Hope you all enjoyed your New Year celebrations!!!

I am back here to share my first 2017 inspirational post on  Republic Day theme!
It's not a big deal to plan 26th January Republic Day. Don't worry I can help you!

First and foremost things are to decorate the class in sober Tri-color balloons, ribbons or flowers. This will bring the feel of nationalism and the atmosphere will reflect a kind of national feeling.

Nothing arouses more pleasure in the heart of every Indian than to see the fluttering tri-color of our flag. So here I am presenting how to decorate and make your class more attractive in a new style using awesome AllStar / Sizzix dies!

1. First, let us work on Tri-color Kandeels!

How I did:

 Die cut tri-color paper (4 each) using Rectangles dotted frames die and embossed one panel in each colour using the embossing folder -bohemian-botanicals-set.

It's very easy to stitch them as they have tiny holes in it. Stitch them as shown in the pic. ( attached all the pieces of the same colour). Don't stitch the last panel.

Now cut some fringe strips in tricolour to decorate the bottom of the kandeel. I stapled these frills on all the bottom edges. Stitched the fourth panel now as shown in the pic and wrapped the satin ribbon over the seam (stapled again).

Die cut some butterflies out of pattern papers, mirror sheets, off-white sheets.

Die cut some flowers and leaves using Floral Wreath die in different colours. And pinched them for dimension using my fingers as shown in the pic.

Now decorate the front panel as shown in the pic.

2. Now for a surprise bonus project!

When you watched the parade, you saw the glory and Tableaux of different states and Union Territories depict the cultural tradition and progress of their religion!

You can create a project on different states/cities showing their importance, monuments, the place to visit, temples, their religion etc. Or you can create any project on any theme!

I have a beautiful collection os Mysore city postcards, so showing how I matted them to create a mobile!

I placed two nesting nrectangles dotted die on a blue coloured CS shown in the pic( double fold the sheet to save the time) and die cut them.

Now pasted the dotted blue frame using fevicol but (take care not to put fevicol inside edges of the frame and at the top). I applied the fevicol in dot style. And tied a thread on one of the centre holes of the other blue panel. The children/teacher can write the information about that place.

I placed the postcard like this, shown in the pic and placed the blue tag under the post card and tied it with a thread.

I die cut some letters and matted them on the centre tag to show the slogan" I LOVE INDIA" In place of letter O, I die cut a heart and coloured it. Die cut a bird  out of pattern paper and adhered it on my photo mat.

Now my mobiles are ready to show!!! Isn't it amazing!!! What do you think!

These photo mats are veryversatile. Even you can interchange the theme for any project by replacing these pics.

Supplies used:

Other supplies used:
Off white, orange, green, blue, yellow coloured Cardstocks
Some different Pattern Papers
Crepe papers
Some Post Cards os Mysore City
Red colour and Tim Holtz water brush
Double shade thread, needle, scissors, Satin ribbons, tiny beads, Fevicol

Hope you all enjoyed my project and Kindly leave some love and feedback and How I Inspired You.

Kindly Share your Republic Day projects with us at FB page here: or you can mail us!

Happy Crafting!
Vinita Jain